Aoude kategoriPosted by Safia Aoude Mon, October 04, 2010 23:44:12

Darkness: a threat to the summer

collecting dark clouds in the sky

curtains of rain are expected

as terrible weather comes by.

A weather of sadness and longing

This Wind is no stranger to pain,

Meeting my sorrow with patience;

I am not afraid of that rain.

Connecting my heart with my ego,

asking my soul to be strong

the weather may haunt my surroundings

but inside I´m singing a song.

The ocean may tremble with vigor

and waves may be crashing ashore,

the storm may bring down a few branches

but I can endure so much more.

My faith is my ship and my harbor

His strengh is my spiritual rope

when Nature is going against me

in Allah I put all my hope.


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